InsureTech Hackathon



Fintegrate Zone 2018 just got bigger with the ICICI Lombard InsureTech Hackathon!


This is a 2-phase challenge, wherein the first phase is to make a brief pitch of your idea in the defined problem areas. Pitch should describe the solution approach, technologies to be used, software/hardware requirements, tentative costs (assuming sufficient scale).


ICICI Lombard has identified distinct challenges in the insurance industry, across diverse non-traditional verticals, which makes this an interesting challenge for participants to explore.


There are prizes galore to be won for the participants.



Focus Areas


Note: Apply now to get more detailed description of given problem areas.

Low-cost accident detection device

Theft prevention - Power transmission lines

Real time risk exposure assessment due to global events

Anti theft solution and tamper proof packaging for transportation of goods

Automatic farmer registration

Non intrusive vulnerability detection in electric wiring

Smart cash-transit boxes for theft prevention

Hackathon Milestones

Applications Invited

15th Dec - 25th Jan

MVP/Prototype & Feedback:

26th Jan - 30th Jan


21st Feb 2018


31st Jan 2018

Demo Day

28th Feb 2018




1. Cash Prize of INR 100,000


2. POC Opportunities with ICICI Lombard


3. Equity-free Acceleration opportunities with Zone Startups India


4. Free Pass for the Fintegrate Zone 2018 conference




Frequently Asked Questions


1) Who can participate?

Any Startup, developer, a hardware enthusiast, embedded system developers and maker community who want to try their idea in action.
You are expected to be aware of some programming language like C/C++, C#, Javascript and scripting language like Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby etc.
However, knowing a language is not mandatory.


2) Can I apply with an existing product and build on it for the hackathon?

Yes, you can use your existing product, as long as you hold the rights of using it. We are looking for solutions to the problems.


3) Who owns the product?

Pre-owned IP belongs to the participant however, ICICI Lombard will hold the rights for whatever gets developed at the hackathon – idea / logic / code.
The participant will need to be handed over his work at the end of the Hackathon.


4) What are the expectations from a participant?

A working prototype of the solution that you have proposed.


5) Where will the Hackathon be hosted?

This is not a physical hackathon, you are free to build the prototype remotely and submit your solutions online.
The winners will be notified via email and they will receive their prizes at the Fintegrate Zone Conference in Mumbai.


6) What will be the judging criteria used?


• How novel, original & innovative is the idea?

 • Maturity of technology used



• How well does it addresses the given problem statement

• Technical feasibility and practicality

• Economic viability



• Scalability and overall difficulty

• Complexity of proposed Idea

Date & Venue Details:


27th February - 1st March 2018


International Convention Centre, 1st Floor, Bombay Stock Exchange,

Dalal Street, Mumbai 400001

Contact Details:


For more details write to us at:


or call: Puneet (+91 97680 09191 /

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27th February - 1st March 2018

Date & Venue Details:


27th February - 1st March 2018


International Convention Centre, 1st Floor, Bombay Stock Exchange,

Dalal Street, Mumbai 400001